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Fourth Grade Philosophy

I believe every child has the ability to excel in an academic environment that fosters creative thinking and cooperative learning. I strive to provide all students with the essentials for physical, emotional, social, and academic growth through a variety of hands-on activities. Some examples of these activities include Daily 5, student-created projects, cooperative games, movement-based activities, and cooperative learning groups. Technology is a crucial part of 21st century life. The effective integration of technology helps to better prepare your child for the coming future.

I will get to know your child as an individual and as a member of our learning community. I teach students first and subjects second. We all work hard to become all effective, caring, and democratic citizens of Room 12. Every morning we start our day with a Morning Meeting in order to reinforce our sense of community. I believe that it is important to develop a tone in our classroom that is warm, respectful and sincere, where we all care about each other and work willingly and effectively together. 

Our classroom is a very student-centered and student-led environment. Often times, I will act as a facilitator as the students guide their own knowledge. The role of a teacher is changing, and I am thrilled to work in a school division that has a framework that honors the importance of creating a culture of creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, citizenship, and wellness.

I am dedicated to putting your child's education as a priority in my life. Additionally, I am thrilled to have the privilege to work with you and your family to foster an educational partnership. Just as I will invest a large amount of time and energy into your child's education, I sincerely hope you will do the same. Family involvement is a topic I am extremely passionate about, and I will offer multiple ways and resources for you to become more involved, both in and out of the classroom.

I am excited and looking forward to getting to know your child and making our classroom a place where he/she feels learning can be enjoyable in a caring and secure environment.