Assignment/Assessment (Opportunities) Policies

Homework/Morning Work

Each student needs to be reading at least 20 minutes every night. Some students may also have assigned chapters to read in guided reading groups. Twice an advisory, they will have a book project to complete based on an assigned genre. I recommend they get these done early.

Once we get fully into Classroom Flipping, students will have a YouTube video to watch each night. If your house does not have Internet access, please visit one of the places in Front Royal with free access or your child can watch it in school in the morning. It will be most beneficial to your child if they watch it at home.

Your student needs to practice their basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts every night. A strong basis in math facts will lead to greater success in more complex skills. Flash cards are available at the dollar store or you can print these printable ones.

Before a chapter 
Opportunity in any subject, the student may be provided with a study guide reviewing the material. It is an expectation that the student looks over this each night leading up to the Opportunity to best prepare themselves. These study guides should be saved and constantly reviewed.

With the exception of the book report projects, all written homework is optional (math/VA Studies worksheets, etc.) Completing the homework will help to better prepare the student for 
Opportunities and class, but there will be not be a consequence for not completing the homework. I recommend completing the homework, but it is up to your discretion.

I will be sending home important information and returned/graded papers throughout the week so please make sure to ask your child for any papers that you may need to see.

Assessment (Opportunities) and Remediation Policy

First and foremost, the word "test" does not exist in this classroom. Rather, we have "Opportunities to Show Our Learning" (Opportunities/Opps for short.)

A unique thing about our classroom is that students take many Opportunities when they are ready. Due to the nature of the classroom, students have the freedom to choose when to take their Opportunities, as long as it is completed by a certain date. The students will be given a one-two week window to take their opportunities. This allows the student to do it when they are most comfortable and feel best prepared. In any case, students are expected to "prove their learning" by highlighting, writing brief explanations, and showing all work. 

On any math, reading, VA Studies, or science Opportunities, students will be given the opportunity to earn points back on their 
Opportunities by demonstrating corrected knowledge. When I grade the Opportunities, I will indicate which questions have been answered incorrectly. After the student approaches me for remediation instruction, the student will be allowed to fix wrong answers in class. To demonstrate their learning and earn additional points, students will need to bring the Opportunities back to school and show all relevant work and a brief explanation of why they were incorrect the first time must be included. Without work and an explanation, no additional points will be rewarded. 

If work is shown and an explanation is given, every correct answer will earn the student one percentage point back. For example, if a student missed 5 questions and earned a 75%, but fixed all answers they would get 5% back, making the final grade an 80%. This can be done for all Opportunities, regardless of grade. It is the student’s responsibility to take this opportunity, and I highly encourage all students to use it.